umpire shortage

KENNEWICK, WA- Although spring is the time for baseball season some teams have had games cancelled on them because of a nationwide official's shortage.

"As recent as last week there are middle school games in this area that went uncover there are high school sub varsity games that were canceled because we didn't have officials,said Greg Mitchell who is an umpire.

Greg Mitchell has also started an academy to train and recruit officials called CJ Mitchell Sports Officials Academy. The academy teaches tools and techinques to help retain officials and help fight scrutiny from fans which is one of the problems officials face today. 

"A lot of people tend to berate officials and officials that would stay  tend to leave because it's not worth the amount of money that I am getting to put up with the abuse that I am getting," said Mitchell.

Mitchell knows he can't solve the problem over night but he is hopeful that his academy will help solve some of the problems.

"I think we can get to the point where we are not having no one show up for a game which unfortunately is where we are now," said Mitchell.   

If you are interested in becoming an official you can reach out to Mitchell's academy below.

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