10/10/19 UPDATE:

YAKIMA, WA - More than 200 arrests were made thanks to Operation Invictus Civitus.

On Thursday members with the U.S. Attorney's Office and the U.S. Marshals Service were in Yakima to talk about the operation.

Operation Invictus lasted 15 weeks and what made it successful was the partnership between federal, state and local agencies.

The goal of the operation was to reduce violent crime in Yakima and results have been announced.

The operation started June 3rd and a total 246 arrests were made.

54 % of the arrests were gang related.

In total the arrests concluded of...

- 9 sexual offenses

- 62 assaults

- 19 robberies

- 29 weapon violations

- 5 homicides

- 1 kidnapping

- 1 arson

- 15 burglaries

- 63 narcotics

- 42 for other crimes.

After the following information was shared William D. Hyslop, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Washington had a message for criminals.

"Our message is make no mistake, be aware, we will use our highest and our best efforts and resources to remove you from our community, from our streets and you will be held accountable."

Aside from the number of arrests the operation also helped seize 33 fire arms, 4.5 pounds of controlled substances, 37 thousand dollars and more.

Matthew Murray, Yakima Police Chief talked about what will happen now that the operation is over.

"We want to use this as a spring board to go forward and continue these efforts. There's been some recent attention paid to violent crime reduction in Yakima, we do believe that this operation has an impact on that," said Murray.

YAKIMA, WA - Over the summer the Yakima Police Department kept busy with a program called Operation Invictus

YPD focused on arresting some of their most wanted criminals.

"Operation Invictus was a summer-long program designed to take the most serious offenders off the streets that were already wanted," said Chief Mathew Murray, Yakima Police Department. 

Chief Murray said Operation Invictus was very productive. 

"The final number was 246; of course we also recovered firearms, drugs, cars and, bulletproof vests," said Murray.

Records show that last year there were 16 homicides; now with only 2 months left in the year there has only been 5. 

Chief Murray said he "truly believes that one of the primary ways to reduce crime is to have a better relationship with the community and the only way to do that is to be present with the community." 

Since 2017, crime has decreased by almost 49 percent. 

"I don't think any program or person or even an organization is responsible for crime; it's a community thing," said Murray. "When crime is really bad the community owns it. And when it gets good the community should own that too."

YPD has been active on social media asking for the communities help to solve crime. To learn more about Operation Invictus, click here.

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