A group of community members in the Tri-Cities put together an auction for Tony Wise, General Manager of Tri-City Glass. Over 90 items were donated to the auction by local businesses in the area.

Wise was diagnosed with esophagus cancer a few months ago and has been going through treatments. Wise has been involved with local youth sports, is part of a small business, and referees for high school athletics.

RB McCord and Wise have been best friends since they were born and McCord says this fundraiser is a way for people to show support for Tony, as well as raise funds for his treatment.

"He's an extremely generous person and is always going out of his way to help those that are in need. He is always offering time and support for everybody," said McCord. "He is my best friend and I can't say enough about him---he is a kindred soul, an old soul that is so loving and caring. I just want him to know how many people love him and care for him."

The auction will be happening online on Facebook until this Sunday, February 28th at 5 pm. Click here to participate.

A link to the Team Twise Facebook page can be found here.