Overcrowding issues at West Valley Schools

WEST VALLEY, WA - The West Valley School District is asking voters to approve a $70 million bond to rebuild Apple Valley Elementary and Summitview Elementary. The money would be used to fix some problems the two schools are facing.

"Issue one is student capacity, trying to adequately meet student capacity concerns as we move ahead," said Mike Brophy, Superintendent for West Valley School District. "Item two is safety, and the third reason for this is we have real concern with the electrical capacity." 

Brophy says enrollment for these schools keeps going up every year. Summitview Elementary currently has a capacity limit of 278 students... but has 340 students.

In order to ease overcrowding, they've even had to turn spaces like the janitor's closet into a classroom.

"Class sizes are critical, so we're at a point in West Valley where we're concerned if we will be able to maintain class sizes," said Brophy

Both schools have portables in order to hold all students safely, but it's not convenient as they are separate buildings and don't have running water.

"Students have to leave their portables and walk outside to go the lavatory to go to the bathroom. They have to walk to the gym to get their lunch and then walk outside back to their classroom," said Brophy.

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