ELLENSBURG, WA- Snoqualmie Pass is back open after being closed overnight on Monday.

Even though most of the people that were stuck overnight are now gone.

There's still oversize load truck drivers that have been stuck in Ellensburg since last Thursday.

We don’t know full financial impact of the pass's closure. The driver of one oversized truck , Roland Hanes, says several truck drivers are taking a financial hit by just sitting and waiting.

Because oversize loads are not permitted to drive on Snoqualmie Pass while there is chain requirements Hanes says he has no choice other than wait.

"We just have to wait it out. The people paid to get their boat, to get it to other side of the pass. So that’s basically the way it turns out, there’s no turning back," said Hanes.

He added "If they don’t get us moved out of here soon were screwed, blued and tattooed."

Hanes says he is losing around $1,000 each day that he is stuck waiting for the pass to allow oversize loads to drive through.

The Washington Department Of Transportation is asking people to continue to drive carefully because if there is a crash they may have to close the pass again.

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