RICHLAND, WA -  The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory is a staple here in the Tri-Cities and SCI-Vibe is the name of their podcast.

We spoke with the host, Nick Hennen who says this podcast will take you behind the scenes, and inside the lab where you’ll get to know the scientists  behind the work.  

"Just talking to people on a one on one level and just really getting to know people really brings out their research in a way that’s natural and organic, and interesting," Hennen said.

Some of that research includes: How to outsmart cancer cells, understanding how artificial intelligence works, detecting explosives and much more.

"(We cover) national security... some of the stories we are talking about is understanding the climate, understanding the planet. Things sort of percolate and stories come out of the laboratory, and then we’ll say ah-ha that would be a really great podcast," Hennen said. 

However, the podcast SCI-Vibe isn’t always serious business, "I think in this last podcast we laughed more than I ever laughed in a podcast before- it was just one of those of episodes where you feel you have really great synergy…. there's been a lot of episodes like that where I was just so gripped with the material that I was just as caught in it as you guys were," Hennen told NBC Right Now. 

Hennen also says the podcast is for all ages, but mostly for people "who may really want to know about scientific discovery and the understanding of what's behind the person, as well as the research itself." 

You can listen to SciVIBE by clicking on the link: SciVIBE (