Pacific Northwest to receive $2.3 million to improve drinking water

YAKIMA, WA- The Environmental Protection Agency has set aside $2.3 million in grant funding for the Pacific Northwest. Washington is getting an allotment of $949,000.

"Clean drinking water is the basis for a healthy vibrant community it's something that many people take for granted, but that is what helps people get on with their day and doing all the important work that they do," said Dorothy Tibbetts, Eastern Regional Manager for the Department of Health.

The EPA along with local communities are trying to make lead free water more accessible through grant funding.

In Yakima there has already been efforts to make water safer. Yesterday Dave Brown was awarded for his work on helping two failing water systems.

Tibbetts said "it's drinking water award week and we take this opportunity every year and recognize people who do outstanding work in the field of drinking water to protect public health, respond to public health emergencies and help neighbors in need."

The Department of Health has already sent proposals to the EPA to be reviewed and considered for part of the grant funding.

"We are at that stage now where we are learning what the EPA is specifically looking for in the next stage," said Tibbetts. 

Next week the EPA will be working with the DOH determine what changes need to be made in order to receive the grants.

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