RICHLAND, WA- Richland police are still looking for a man who was reportedly standing over an 11 year old girl while she was sleeping Sunday morning. The girl and the man were engaged in a struggle after the girl woke up. This caused the man to flee from the house and the girl to her parents bedroom to tell them to call 911.  

"We were definitely very shocked and also terrified to see this happen in this neighborhood and our house," said the mother.  

The girl is currently in good spirits but the parents are concerned that this incident might have lingering effects.

"As a parent we also want to be cautious about the consequence of the mental impact or her because a lot of  those responses could be delayed," said the mother.  

With such a dramatic event happening to them this family wants to remind everyone to do these simple things, so they don't experience the same situation. 

"One thing for sure is definitely double check your doors windows and everything before you go to bed and make sure things are secured and the doors are locked," said the mother.

Richland police also released a description of the man they believe to be the intruder. The man is described as a 40 year old white male with brown hair, blue, gray or green eyes. The man also has dark liver spots on his face. Police also believe the man may have a cut on his left hand and right chest. If you have any information call Richland police. 

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