Pasco Bulldogs Show Support For Mourning Football Player

PASCO, WA - The Pasco High School Varsity Football team went out of their way to show support because one of the football players, along with his mom and his four siblings is in mourning for their dad who died of COVID-19.

Celerino Vargas Garcia was just 44 years old, he caught COVID about a month ago and sadly he died on September 2nd.

The Pasco High School Bulldogs' Football coaches wanted to do something for their teammate, so they were able to get the entire Varsity team together to give a single white rose from each player to Celerino's wife and family.

The Athletic Director/Assistant Principal for Pasco High School says he felt the need to support his player because he knows the feeling of tragedy.

"Showing your love for people in a difficult time was really important" said Gregg Huisingh, Athletic Director and Assistant Principal at Pasco High School.  "Four years ago when my son passed away, and just knowing when the people start coming in, that really that's the important piece that people spend the time to come by."

The athletic director said he wanted to make it clear, the whole family has a support team there for them and the Pasco high sophomore, is not alone.

"Its a very, very small gesture I guess of our appreciation you know for who he is as a person and just part of our family" said Huisingh.

The Vargas Castaneda family has set up a gofundme page to help pay for the funeral costs.