Pasco City hall gets $1.2M renovation

PASCO, WA - Pasco City Hall is excited to get a new facelift heading into the new year. 

Pasco city officials finalized the new remodel plans today, and construction on the $1.2 million renovation will begin January 22 and end in mid-October. 

25 years since the City reconverted the building from an old 1920's high school building, the City of Pasco has grown drastically. 

The City of Pasco Administrative and Community Services Director, Zach Ratkai said with the growing needs of the city, it was time for an upgrade. 

"We are very excited to begin working in this area and really expanding our facility and modernizing our technology in order to provide great service to the community," Ratkai said. 

Ratkai said the city is upgrading all three floors of the building. 

Upgrades include office space, bringing in new technology, and moving most of the city's public services down to the first floor. 

"We want to make it that one stop shop where you can come in pick up a building permit, ask about a development, but also pay your utility bill, get a dog license, a business license....all of the city hall is going to remain open to the public but we want to make sure there's more convenient public access," said Ratkai. 

The City says the project will be planned out in phases starting with older, unused areas like the old police wing before making their way into more publicly used areas. 

Pasco City Hall isn't the only one getting some changes. The City of Richland is in the process of building a new city hall and the City of Kennewick will start construction on a new building later this year.

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