Pasco community survey now open

PASCO, WA- The City of Pasco opened their National Citizen Survey online Friday for residents to share what they want to see changed in their community. 

The citizens' survey measures public opinion in eight critical areas of community livability.

In each area, residents report what they think about their community and related services, as well as their own engagement within the community.

Survey results will be used in developing city council goals and objectives for the next two years, and the survey gives a snapshot of what the residents of Pasco think are priorities.

On Tuesday, NBC Right Now sat down with the Mayor Saul Martinez, City of Pasco to talk about what exciting things he is looking forward to adding to the City. 

"We want to bring in recreational facilities such as soccer fields, we'd like to see an aquatics center come in for our citizens I know thats something Pasco is in favor of working towards," Martinez said. 

Pasco City officials say they started these surveys back in 2005 and since, they have gotten great feedback on what to focus on in the City.

The citizens survey is open through February 7. The survey can be found on the City of Pasco's website

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