PASCO, Wash. - After being released from jail after a fraudulent check arrest, 24-year-old Dalton Wade McManamon tried to cash another fraudulent check. The Pasco Police Department is warning people to verify all checks before selling big-ticket items. 

Pasco man arrested for string of fraudulent checks

The Pasco man was arrested July 12 for the unlawful issuance of bank checks, or felony fraud. He tried to buy two pickups, a boat and a camper with checks from a closed account. In total, he wrote checks for more than $300,000. 

After one business contacted police, McManamon was arrested and the property was returned to the businesses. 

Following his release, he wrote a check for $36,768 for another RV. When the Pasco dealer verified the check, Non-Sufficient Funds came back. McManamon is now being charged for attempted fraud. 

"This is a public service announcement," said Pasco Police, "PLEASE verify all checks for funds before selling any big ticket item."