Pasco Police Department release their statement on community complaint
Here is Pasco Police's full response:
"We got word early this week that a social media post went up criticizing our officers’ conduct at a weekend incident. Our administration immediately started an internal review of what actually happened and whether it followed laws, policies, and procedures. The review is still in progress; this post is just our attempt to be transparent about the process.
"On early Sunday morning at about 3:33 AM, a caller in the area of the 8000-block of Quadra Drive called Dispatch to report that they were awakened by a dog in the street yelping and whining as a male beat it to get it inside a car. The caller added that there had been a party at the house where the car was parked. The caller phoned back at 3:42 AM to report that the party was breaking up and cars were leaving.
"Our first responding officer arrived at 3:43 AM, located the described car, and found it occupied by three people and a large dog. He had his dashcam and body cam activated prior to his contact, following our policy. His efforts to investigate got sidetracked by efforts to get the driver to roll down the window for easier conversation, which the driver did not do. Meanwhile, people from the house came outside to see what the police were doing there. Faced with three people in the car and five in the yard, the first officer requested a second officer. This is also standard policy since he was immediately having difficulty trying to address the people in the car while simultaneously getting questions from the group in the yard. A second officer arrived quickly.
The on-duty sergeant arrived at the first officer’s request. Two other officers arrived, too. Patrol cars that parked in the roadway put their flashers on, which is our policy and a legal requirement. There was a conversation between the first officer and the sergeant with the occupants of the car about the nature of the original complaint. The dog appeared uninjured. There was a conversation between two officers and the sergeant with the group in the yard about police response to similar disturbance calls. People at the house described the dog as outside and yelping earlier, but not being beaten.
As the first officer started his last contact with the driver, someone in the yard again interjected a question, causing him to ask, “Will you stop interrupting me?” at 3:56:20 AM. The questioner clearly perceived this as rude, but both sides were otherwise calm and conversational throughout the contact. Arrangements were made to have a licensed driver repark the car, and officers left the area at 3:59 AM. Officers were there for a total of fifteen minutes. The most officers there at one time was five.
Our administration is continuing to review this incident and requests that anyone with additional information or audio or video recording please call (509)545-3421 regarding case 21-16903 Animal Complaint. Everyone interested in viewing the incident for themselves is welcome to watch our video here: