PASCO, WA - K-9 Officer Lemon has sadly passed away.

The Pasco Police Department announced Monday morning that K-9 Lemon passed away due to a medical crisis.

K-9 Lemon underwent emergency surgery in September for a stomach flip, which can strangulate intestines and result in death if not operated on right away. K-9 Lemon then went off-duty for a while to recover. To learn more about K-9 Lemon's surgery, click here.

K-9 Lemon served the community for 8 years and was an integral member of Pasco Police's K-9 Unit. Pasco Police say he was a large part of their original social media success and will always be remembered as #K9Lemon.

Pasco Police says: "Our hearts and condolences go out to Officer Madsen and his family during this difficult time. We also wish to thank our amazing community for the outpouring of love and support during the last few weeks for Lemon and his family."

If you would like to make a contribution in K-9 Lemon's honor, visit

To learn more about K-9 Lemon's career with his handler, Officer Madsen, click here.

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