Pasco, WA- In just 48 hours, two cougars were spotted in the Tri-Cities area. 

Thursday morning, Pasco Police Department received reports of a cougar off Rd. 90 and Sandifur Parkway. 

At this time, the cougar has not been found. Pasco PD is saying to be extra cautious when walking on the street. 

I spoke with one Pasco resident, Ben Wolff who says the video quickly raised concerns when he saw it. 

He says, he began letting neighbors know of the sighting since a lot of parents have their kids play on the streets and walk their dogs. 

Many, like him, thought it was just a really big dog. That was until they realized the size and tail was not like a dog. 

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife says most sightings occur during the darker times of the day, dusk to dawn. 

Becky Elder, media liaison for WDFD Police, says they have seen that technology plays a role in the increased awareness. 

Devices like Ring cameras detect movement from animals like the cougar, and notify you of what's happening. It also allows for more people to share the sightings. 

Fish and Wildlife alongside Pasco PD encourage people to not run away from a cougar, don't crouch down. They say to act big and loud and call law enforcement immediately. 

Submitting a report to Fish and Wildlife is recommended as well.