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7-12-19 UPDATE:

PASCO, WA - A Pasco 4th grade teacher is being charged with additional child molestation charges.

Court documents say that former Edwin Markham Elementary school teacher Rudy Hunter Hoglen touched several 10-year-old little girls inappropriately, all while helping them with their school work.

Hoglen has previously been charged with one count of first-degree child molestation, but documents released Tuesday found probable cause to add eleven more charges involving six other girls.

Hoglen is now being charged with the one count of first-degree child molestation, plus five counts of attempted first-degree child molestation... and six counts of fourth-degree assault.

Hoglen's trial date is set for July 31.

6-13-19 UPDATE:

PASCO, WA - Rudy Hunter Hoglen pleaded not guilty to his child molestation charge. He's been on leave from Pasco's Edwin Markham Elementary School since March.

In the Franklin County court documents, it says a number of girls between nine and ten years old all had similar statements about Hoglen.

The documents say investigators interviewed seven students, who said that daily Hoglen would touch their inner thighs, lower backs and shoulders in a patting, rubbing and/or squeezing motion while instructing them.

One student said Hoglen had touched her "private area" during last school year. 

Hoglen went to an arraignment hearing this week. The judge agreed to dismiss six attempted child molestation charges but move forward on the one molestation charge. 

Hoglen is expected to go to trial on July 31.

PASCO, WA - A Pasco teacher has been charged with child molestation by the Franklin County Sheriff's Office.

31-year-old Rudy Hunter Hoglen is accused of inappropriately touching female students. He is a fourth grade teacher at Edwin Markham Elementary School. 

A district administrator reported the allegations to the Franklin County Sheriff's office. Hoglen was placed on administrative leave on March 21.

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