pendleton flooding

PENDLETON, OR- Flooding levels throughout Umatilla County are slowly starting to go down. Homeowners across the city have started to asset damage in their homes. One homeowner Mark Mulvihill spent most his life in Pendleton and he has never seen a flood like this before.

"I haven't seen an event like this in my life and I've lived here since 1977," said Mulvihill

Mulvihill's house didn't receive much flooding damage because his was built three years ago. With his house being a new one, he had to meet Federal Emergency Management Agency standards as well as the city of Pendleton standards for a house in a flood path. 

Despite Mulvihill not experiencing major damage he would like to see some changes done to dam metrics system.  

"We are experiencing a time of climate change and I think we need to update our metrics," said Mulvihill.

Mulvihill would also like to see different representatives from not only the city level but state and federal level discuss what they can do to prevent the flooding from happening. Even though Mulvihill wants to see some changes he couldn't be more proud of the way his city responded when disaster struck. 

"I can't say enough for the response of the city of Pendleton and their departments manning the bridges and making sure that debris was clear, their response was just tremendous," said Mulvihill

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