YAKIMA, Wa -  Developers are looking to build luxury condos in downtown Yakima.  Some city council members are pushing for property tax breaks for those projects.  They think it will help with downtown revitalization.  KNDO spoke to people here in Yakima to see if they think the idea could work.

The Staples have lived in Yakima since the early 1970's.  They say downtown has seen better days. "Well, it was a true small town, small shops, friendly places.  You'd enjoy coming here," says Jack Staples, out enjoying a lunch with his wife at the Essencia Bakery.

Jack and Sandy staples still like to spend time downtown, but they say now the streets are empty and so are many buildings here.  Sandy thinks luxury condos in downtown Yakima could help jumpstart the revitalization process.   "I think if you had the condos, it would all follow," she says, "It would be hand in hand."

And that's the big question, should the condos come first, or the businesses and services people will need to live here. 

"The more people are living here.  The more businesses and customers," says Kelly McKnight.

The people that talked with us today seemed to like the idea, but if the opportunity presented itself is buying a condominium in Yakima presented itself, was it something they might actually consider doing.  The results were mixed.

"If I could afford on that would be nice," says Mcknight.

Jack Staples on the other hand, "I don't think I could ever tolerate a condo, until I get older.  I'm still young yet."

There's been preliminary talk about putting in condominiums in the old Bon Marche Building on 3rd Street.

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