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YAKIMA, WA - A Yakima-based homeless shelter called Camp Hope recently had their bus stop working, and now students at Perry Technical Institute are helping out. In fact, one student even has a very special surprise for Camp Hope.

Perry Tech students have been working on the bus for weeks... preparing and filling it with non-perishable food items to help everyone at Camp Hope.

"They been doing a really good job at getting some food to help these people out," said Dusty Morrill, head of the automobile department at Perry Tech.

Camp Hope workers contacted Professor Morrill when the bus broke down, and they didn't have the means to fix it. So Morrill and his students are doing the work for free.

"Here at Perry Tech we like to give back to the community, so I chose to take this project on. The students are the ones that are actually completing the work," Morrill said.

Morrill says he sees this as a learning experience for his students, who usually don't have the chance to work on these types of vehicles.

"When I seen the bus and I've seen the need, I figured it would be a good project - this is similar to a lot of the stuff we do typically is on a smaller automobile, we typically don't get the chance to work on a big bus like this," said Matthew Ketchum, a student.

And while all students have pitched in to help, it was Ketchum who decided he wanted to do a little more for Camp Hope.

"I asked him right as soon as he said, 'hey, this is a bus for a homeless camp, it's going to be in here.' He's doing his best to help out," Ketchum said. "The second he got done talking I said, 'hey, can I help out in any way?' Then I mentioned the food drive."

Ketchum explains life takes us in so many directions and we never know where we'll end up... and that sometimes people just need a little extra help.

"It's [one of] the many reasons I wanted to get involved, cause who knows who is going to go homeless... it can happen at any moment. You never know what happens in life," Ketchum said.

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