Perry Technical Institute helps fight college hunger

YAKIMA, WA - For students, eating a good breakfast, lunch, and dinner is important. If they don't get the proper nutrition, their education can suffer.

"We just wanted to make sure hunger was not an issue for them so we created the Perry Pantry," said Tressa Shockley, the career service manager.

Perry Technical Institute stocked up on soups, granola bars, and toiletries to help students who might need them.

"Here at Perry Tech, we have a decent percent of students that do go without. They're really cutting corners, they're trying to pay all their bills and unfortunately food isn't always available," said Shockley.

Tressa Shockley mentions it's important for students to get the proper nutrition in order for them to succeed in school.

"Studies have shown that if you're not being fed sufficiently that you can't learn 'cause it's one of your most basic needs, so if it's not being met everything else is going to suffer too," said Shockley.

Perry Tech first got this pantry around five years ago; now they have opened up another pantry for students in their medical program. They're currently restocking the pantry every two days.

"We do see a lot of people first thing in the morning, they're here usually between 7 and 9. It gets hit again at the lunch hour and then we see some people again in the afternoon that might need something for the evening," said Shockley.

She says they've been able to continue to feed students because of donations and the staff at Perry Tech.

"We pretty much take donations from the community, we accept donations from our staff, and we even have staff that contribute to it on a monthly basis," said Shockley.

If you would like to donate, you can call Perry Tech for more information.

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