KENNEWICK, Wash. - It's recently become easier to get access to the "Morning After" pill. Although the pill is controversial, Planned Parenthood of Central Washington is celebrating it's increased availability.

Planned Parenthood wants sexually active people to have a "Plan B." Recent changes allow adults 18 and older to get the pill without a prescription. And they feel that's something to celebrate.

Tuesday, all Planned Prenthood offices in Central Washington will give out one free box of the emergency conceptive. Although some don't agree with the idea, a spokesperson for Planned Parenthood said making the pill more available fits in with their mission to prevent unintended pregnancies.

"If someone doesn't want to have a child right now because it's not in their family planning.  This is a way to be able to help them," said Sendi Aceves, Planned Parenthood of Central Washington, Manager of Regional Services.    

If you'd like to get a free box of "Plan B", you can visit one of the Planned Parenthood offices in Ellensburg, Yakima, Walla Walla, Sunnyside, or Kennewick.

If you're over 18-years-old you just need to bring a photo I. D.

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