YAKIMA, WA - The Board of Yakima County Commissioners plans to improve and transition the Yakima County Correction Center into a mixed-use care facility and a multiple use community care campus.

The Yakima County Correction Center is currently being used to house Department of Corrections inmates. Since its completion, the jail facility has never been fully utilized. 

The Yakima County Care Campus project proposes to transition and improve the 10-acre correctional center site to a mixed-use care facility. It will also transform the existing correctional facility into a multiple use community care campus to include a permanent shelter for people experiencing homelessness and a behavioral health service center providing community based mental health and substance abuse disorder services. 

The long-term goal is to also include onsite affordable, transitional, and/or permanent supportive housing through partnership with the Yakima Housing Authority, as well as a community health clinic and other resources such as case management, classroom and meeting space in a well-supervised centralized campus environment. 

"The time has come to transition the YCCC to higher and better use for community needs," said Commissioner Mike Leita. 

The Board of Yakima County Commissioners will announce plans for the Yakima County Care Campus project during their regular Agenda meeting Tuesday, October 29 at 10 a.m. at the Yakima City Hall Council Chambers.

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