YAKIMA, WA- A poetry program is helping students find their voice.

"Understanding communication is what is going to draw us closer and I think those who communicate the best are going to be the leaders of tomorrow," Dana Lemieux, Teacher, Naches Valley High School.

Senior Kyle Buckles has been part of poetry out loud for the past three years.

Buckles said it has taught him "expression. I think poetry can be very expressive taking what the original author and turning into your own piece of artwork."

"One of the key components to poetry out loud is understanding the poem," said Lemieux.

For another student poetry is a piece of the puzzle towards reaching her goals.

"I really wanna continue my education and go to college and it's something that really sets you apart, and it's something you really enjoy doing and it shows a different side of you," Emily Stout Student, Naches Valley High School.

Buckles says poetry has helped his confidence beyond the classroom.

"I believe it further developed my communication skills it gave me a better understanding of the English language and how I can communicate from what I learned from the poetry," 

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