Pollinators being recognized

YAKIMA, WA- The Cowiche Canyon Conservancy along with Yakima Symphony Orchestra are coming together to highlight the smallest of heroes.

"Pollinators are important to us because they pollinate our food crops. Without pollinators we wouldn't have the food that we enjoy, the berries and the fruits and just about every crop is dependent on pollinators," said Entomologist, David James.

The series of events includes nature walks, art exhibits and educational talks.

"We'll be looking for the pollinators we can find and unfortunately there's not as many pollinators as there used to be," said James. 

For the people who joined the pollinators walk there was a special surprise.

"I caught something, it's a butterfly," said one of the participants.

Soon after James found out the butterfly was a highly unusual one for the area.

"I can't see anything. It is! It's an oak dusky wing! Out of 68 butterfly species here this is number 69."

The goal of the pollinators series is to teach the community how important is it to take care of the small but mighty pollinators.

The next event in the series is on Tuesday at 7 p.m. at Yakima Valley

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