PASCO, WA - A popular bakery, Panaderia Colima, closed its doors 10 years ago... but now they're making a comeback.

The bakery first opened its doors in the 90's and became a big hit in Pasco. But, after serving the community for over 15 years, owner Daniel Mendoza decided to take a step back from the family bread-making tradition and shut down the bakery.

"I can say that it's irresistible. It's definitely good," said Rosio Mendoza, Daniel's daughter. "It's unbelievable how I still can't get how it's open again. It reopened and the taste of the bread is just like it was back then." 

Daniel spends all night making the bread to have it ready early in the morning, and really emphasizes having fresh bread to sell.

The new location for Panaderia Colima is at 801 W. Clark Street.

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