KENNEWICK, WA- The Port of Kennewick auctioned off a parcel of land Friday afternoon. The 8.5 acres of land was purchased for 1.3 million dollars and is located near Southridge High School and Trios Hospital. 

This land was the last of a remaining portion of land that the Port of Kennewick had purchased in the mid 90s. With the Southridge area growing the auction's purpose was to get a sense of its property value. 

"There is a lot more development going on out there, there is a hotel that is being built out there," said Amber Hanchett the Port of Kennewick Director of Real Estate and Operations. "So someone that is looking at the long term investment for Southridge this is a great piece of property for them to have." 

The proceeds of the purchase will go towards future Port of Kennewick projects such as the Columbia Gardens Wine and Artisan Village as well as the Vista Field Project. 

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