Port of Kennewick gives update for Vista Field and Columbia Gardens projects

KENNEWICK, WA-  The Port of Kennewick met Tuesday to give an update on the Vista Field Project and Columbia Gardens project. 

The Vista Field project is a 103-acre former aviation airfield that is being converted into a town center for new buildings as well as to establish another roadway. There is still work to be done but all the utilities have been installed and most of the roadway and sidewalks are completed. Barring extreme amounts of snow this project is expected to be finished in March. 
The Columbia Gardens project is nearly complete. A new building has been finished in the area and two new wineries, Gordon Estate winery and Cave B Estate winery are set to move in.
The port also voted two to one in favor of partnering with the city of Richland for a project to revitalize the Columbia Park Trail. The revitalization would go from the Ben Franklin Transit station to the Reach Museum.
The Port of Kennewick is investing $80,000 into this project.  The goal of the project is to promote economic development and create better recreational access for its users.