YAKIMA, WA - Vape Spot has been open in Yakima for the past five years. Since being open they've dealt with an increase in taxes and now a possible ban on flavored vaping products. 

"If we could make sure that they aren't getting into kids' hands and that the adults that are using them are using them safely, then that would be a wonderful solution," said Stephen Eggleson, store manager.

A few months ago when NBC Right Now first visited the store, the shelves on the walls were full of product. Now when you walk in, the shelves are almost empty. Employees have only been ordering products that they know will sell before October 9th.

"But a full on a ban on anything but tobacco, gross, nobody vapes tobacco, like maybe sixty-year-old people, but the rest of those are like no, give me something that tastes good," said Eggleson.

Eggleson says the store has been struggling; most of their products are fifty percent off.

"Sales are dismal, largely because of the fear mongering," said Eggleson.

According to the New York State Department of Health, vitamin E acetate has been linked to most of the vaping illnesses. Eggleson says most vaping stores will test for the chemical themselves or sell from companies who test their products.

"We've looked into with the companies that we're selling from that they are doing due diligence on their material handling," said Eggleson.

When asked if he thinks this ban will stop minors from vaping, Eggleson said "no".

"You can easily buy drugs on Snapchat or any other social media service, you don't think that prohibition will cause drug runners," said Eggleson.

Vape Spot will remain open as long as possible. If they remain open after October 9th, it will depend on the decision made by the Washington State Health Board.

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