Potential homeless housing coming to Tri-Cities

PASCO, WA- A local charity, Catholic Charities held a public forum to propose a permanent housing solution for the homelessness in the Tri-Cities.

The proposal is a 52 unit housing complex that would be the first of its kind in the Tri-Cities. The complex would give homeless people in the area permanent living. There will be a staff in the units to help those living with medical or social services needs.
The money to build this will come from the IRS, Washington State Housing Trust Fund and the Federal Government. There are already seven units like this across Eastern Washington and Catholic Charities believes the Tri-Cities could benefit from something like this.

"You see a lot of mental health a lot of addiction issues a lot of people who have just lost relationship in their lives who have lost connections with other people," said Robert McCann the President of Catholic Charities. "That's what these projects are designed to do to reconnect people with the community to reconnect people with services that they need especially medical services and to integrate them back into the general public at Pasco."  
If the funding gets approved and the city of Pasco agrees on the requirements then the project should be done by September 2021. The group plans to hold another forum on Wednesday at six in the Pasco City Hall. The purpose of these forums is to get the public's input about the location, the design and any issues that might arise from the project.

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