FINLEY, Wash.- Prayer boxes in Finley Schools are drawing more concern.

Some parents say the district refuses to meet with them in person.

The first controversy arose over boxes in the lunch room at Finley Middle School.

Parents say they took pictures of the boxes at a wrestling match at Riverview High School Tuesday night.

The boxes are organized by students.

They say that students will read the prayers.

The district says they're still looking into whether the boxes are legal, but some parents don't think that's enough.

"They don't even want to have a, talk to us.  They'll talk to us over the phone, but as far as getting in a meeting, with the principal or the president of the school board, nobody will even have a meeting over it," said Charles Hunt, who's heading up the charge. 

The school district says they looked into the matter when the boxes were first placed in the school, and thought they were legal, and now they're reviewing that policy and can't talk about it because the superintendent is out of town.

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