President Obama Recognizes WGU for Innovation

SEATTLE, Wash. - President Obama is recognizing Washington state's only accredited online university for innovation and affordability.

The president says the competency-based online university, Western Governors University is a leader in his plan to make college more affordable. Obama says the university's $6,000 per year tuition, and the accelerated rate at which students progress through degree programs make the school an innovative institution.

Headquartered in Seattle, WGU Washington is pleased to operate under the accreditation of WGU and proud more students from Washington attend the university than any other state. Since it launched in the spring of 2011, WGU Washington's enrollment has increased six fold. Currently, roughly 4,700 of WGU's 40,000 students call the Evergreen State home.

"WGU Washington is proud to be a leader in the field of higher education," said WGU Washington Chancellor Jean Floten.  "The rate at which busy Washingtonians are enrolling in - and graduating from - our programs demonstrates the demand in this state for affordable, flexible education options, like those endorsed yesterday by President Obama."

WGU Washington defines competency-based learning as an education that allows students to earn their degrees by demonstrating what they know and can do (competency) rather than spending time in class to accumulate credit hours.

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