RICHLAND, Wash. - Benton County 911 calls were transferred to the Richland Police Department because of problems with the phone system, but the Benton County Emergency Service Center said they do not know why. 

The problem was spotted at around 12:30 Monday afternoon.  People calling 911 and any Benton County Emergency Service Center administration number were not able to get service.

The agency recently installed a new phone system but the public information officer said he did not know if the new system had anything to do with the problems.

Public Information Officer Steven Sautter said the Benton County Emergency officials prepare for a problem like this.  He said, "Technically we need to make sure we're able to transfer the phones, essentially at a moments notice, so the public really doesn't see any type of change."

Sautter said there were no reported problems because of the glitch.  

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