YAKIMA, Wash. - The "Nurse-Family Partnership" program can help first-time mothers figure out what kind of parent they want to be, and help them set goals.

Nurse Theresa White, with Children's Village in Yakima, has been stopping by to see Zulema  for the last 2 1/2 years.  She's been there through it all for Zulema, educating her on pregnancy, health and emotional issues, and parenting.

"She was a great support for me to continue breastfeeding." Zulema says.  "I had some issues with it at first, but she helped me through that."

Zulema says the program has really helped her, and she'd recommend it to others.  She says she wasn't hesitant at all to sign up because she was a first-time mother, and knew she might need some help.

Zulema's son Eddie is now a success story for White.  He's scoring very highly on developmental and language tests, and Zulema is teaching him English, Spanish and sign language.

Zulema says White encouraged her to keep it up, and kept her on the right track.  But now that she and Eddie are graduating from the program, her emotions are mixed.  "I'm sad that (White) won't be coming over any longer, but I'm happy that I was able to stick with the program." she says.

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