Prosser Celebrates "States Day" With Annual Parade

PROSSER, WA - Americans across the country celebrated Labor Day Monday. To put a nice end to the long holiday weekend the City of Prosser celebrated with a parade.

There were elaborate floats, pageant royalty and plenty of kids. The parade stretched for miles throughout the city and thousands of people came out to see the spectacle.

Many politicians floated down the streets as we near the heart of election season. Of course, the main attraction for many of the kids was the handfuls of candy thrown along the sides of the route.

Plenty of families decided to come together to celebrate their community. Traditionally they call it “States Day” in Prosser to celebrate the many different states people who attend are from.

"I'm with my family here. It's just good to have a day off throughout the year. It's once a year that we have it and it's pretty good. We always look forward to the next year," said Juan Copado who came to the parade from Grandview.

The event is always celebrated in a strong showing in the City of Prosser. This was the 89th Annual States Day Parade the city has celebrated. There's always a celebration later in the park and by the end of the night they crown Miss Prosser. About 130 different groups participated in Monday's parade. 

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