WEST VALLEY -Rams Landing collected prom dresses and other dress clothes over this last month to help students at West Valley High School find an outfit that will make them feel special for prom. 

Rams Landing accepts donations of clothing, food, and other necessities for families in the West Valley School District. According to the Family and Student Liaison Jill Hendricks, Ram's Landing already had a few dresses in their possession, so they took them over to the high school for students to look at.  

Hendricks then took to Facebook to ask the community for more donations of dress shoes, heels, ties and other clothing items. 

Hendricks said they just wanted to help students out. 

"Kids who might have a barrier to going to prom have an opportunity to pick out a dress, a gorgeous dress," Henricks said.

West Valley High School will have its prom on Saturday, but Rams Landing will continue to accept donations of prom dresses and other dress clothes so students can use them for other dances. For example, the homecoming dance in the fall. 

Hendricks said she also encourages students going to prom on Saturday to donate their dresses when they're done with them. 

To make a donation you can drop the clothing off at the front office in the Innovation Center at 9206 Zier Road.