ELLENSBURG, WA - A rare stone known for its blue color, is only found in Central Washington.

An Ellensburg Blue is found in the Teanaway Basalt mostly located in the Kittitas county.

"Ellensburg blue can range from a light, light blue, almost white-ish to a cornflower blue thats much darker" Robert Langford, Cutter & Owner, Langford Lapidary.
But what makes these blue agates so popular compared to other stones?
"One of the unique properties of an Ellensburg Blue is that no matter how thin you cut it, it will still retain its color" said Langford. "Most other blue agates from around the world, the thinner you cut them the clearer they get."
Jewelers say many people in the area love them so much, they can't keep them on their shelves.
"Most of my good quality stuff sells as fast as I can make it" said Langford.
Ellensburg blues are one of the rarest semi-precious agates that are only found in Ellensburg area.
"They are very special and unique to our valley in an emotional sense I would say" said Chad Morrow a Graduate Gemologist a Bergeron Jewelers. "Every Ellensburg Blue tells a story, a lot of times they are passed down from generation to generation to generation."
So what makes these stones so rare?
"It just come down to what we have right here our geology in our area that these agates are formed from and theres no other locality on earth that matches identically ours" said Morrow.
But the locals in the area really want to stress the importance of people not coming out looking in random locations in Ellensburg for the rocks.
"These Ellensburg blues are found mostly on what is now private land and so when people are coming and prospecting they're not really being courteous of that and they end up trespassing on private land and they're taking what's not theres" said Murrow. 
If you want to look for Ellensburg Blues legally, you can visit Rock N' Tomahawk Ranch.
Just a reminder, it is illegal to trespass on someone else's property looking for the rocks.