Real ID law going into effect in 2020

YAKIMA, WA- A U.S. Law that was established in 2005 is finally going into effect next year.

The new enhanced REAL ID compliant drivers license is only required if you are traveling by air or going into federal buildings like military bases.

For people who do not want to make the change the normal ID will still be eligible for entrance into federal courts, social security offices, and health facilities.

The Washington State Department of Licensing, Communications and Outreach Manager, Sandra Najera said there is a misconception that the real ID is a requirement.

"The Federal Limits Apply on the standard ID card, is not an indication of your immigration status or your citizenship because anybody may choose to keep the standard license or ID card no one has to get the enhanced document," said Najera.

WSDOL is reaching out to the community to let people know exactly what they need.

"October 2020 that's still a ways out but we want people to be informed right now because they need to start thinking about it. Are you ready? Are you ready for come October 2020 when REAL ID goes into effect. So be ready do you have the documents that you need," said Najera

In order to be compliant to the new REAL ID law people will need proof of citizenship, proof of identity, social security document and two proofs of Washington residency.

WSDOL is encouraging people to visit their office and check out their website where they have all of this information in 5 different languages.

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