Snow Blower

KENNEWICK, WA - A record-setting February: several cities in our region broke records for the most snowfall!

YAKIMA: This year it snowed 31.0 inches, nearly doubling Yakima's record of 17.7 inches back in 2014! Keep in mind that this number does not account for six missed days of snowfall totals.

KENNEWICK: This year we got 23.1 inches, and although that sounds lower than the record of 24 inches back in 1916, three days were not accounted for which would have brought Kennewick's total snowfall above the record. (Meteorologist Monty Webb: We broke the record, but because of missing data the "official" total does not reflect our actual snowfall for the month!)

WALLA WALLA: This year, Walla Walla received 19 inches of snow, topping 1994's record of 13.3 inches. 3 days were not accounted for.

PENDLETON: This year, Pendleton got 32.5 inches of snow, nearly doubling their 1994 record of 16.8 inches!

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