YAKIMA, WA - Representative Dan Newhouse and Dr. Carla Hayden, the Librarian of Congress toured the Yakima Central Library.

The two did not come empty handed.

"For some reason the Library of Congress now and then ends up with surplus books," said Newhouse.

"The Library of Congress receives 15 to 20,000 books a day," adds Hayden.

Let's face it that's a lot of books, even for the Library of Congress and it's because of that reason that the Surplus Books Program started.

Books are donated to libraries and this is the first time Yakima Valley Libraries gets their share.

"So the surplus books though are brand new books that the Library of Congress receives...All of these were selected by your staff members to be put into your collection" said Hayden.

Congressman Newhouse also talked about his involvement with the Library of Congress Veterans History Project.

A project aimed towards sharing veterans personal stories.

"The goal is to archive as many experiences as we can from the people that actually lived through these experiences," said Newhouse.

He said him, his team, and volunteers helped gather stories from veterans in Yakima.

"Actively gone out and interviewed veterans and gotten their stories and archived them and we have the first 22 of them right here," said Newhouse.

Three veterans that shared their experiences for the project were present, they each went up and shared a few words.

"I think back to those days and it's hard to believe I've got 24 years in. Three years in the United States Marine Corps, 21 in the United States Army."

"Anytime people ask me what was my favorite thing about the military the answer was..."

"The way I look at what you do, you're the guardian of knowledge, and our republic is founded upon that knowledge."

The 22 entries will be put into the Library of Congress' permanent archives.

Newhouse said the stories that came out of this partnership were fascinating and he's glad he was able to help with both the surplus and the veterans project to help preserve history and share it.

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