WEST RICHLAND, Wash. - Columbia Basin Dive Rescue teams are still searching for two people missing along the Yakima River. Now rescuers are asking family and friends to stay away from the water.

First a kayaker goes missing, now swift currents sweep away a teenager trying to help. Rescuers report right now the river is too dangerous for people to be out on the water.  

The waters look harmless enough. But rescuers warn the calm currents can be deceiving. They said the water is too high, too strong, and too dirty for people without proper training to try and help out in rescue missions.

Rescuers said more people out on the water increases the risk of another missing person.

"We don't want another tragedy to happen with people not prepared for conditions or who don't have a game plan together," said Scott Pattison, Columiba Basin Dive Rescue.   

Rescuers said even they take a lot of precautions before they get their feet wet. They always wear protective gear. They never go alone and never enter the water without a life jacket ever.

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