Benton County Fire Protection

BENTON CITY, WA – In an effort to combat the possible contamination and exposure of the public with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Benton County Fire Protection District 2 has placed the Fire District facilities into a restricted status. CPR/First Aid classes, station tours, ride-a-longs and the public use of our facilities and public meeting rooms are postponed until further notice. Current reservations will be cancelled through April, 2020 and will be continually evaluated.

Access into Fire District facilities beyond our front foyer is restricted to uniformed personnel only.

We are striving to ensure that our emergency responses will be uninterrupted during this ongoing event, and taking pre-emptive measures in order to do so. Included in these measures is the restricted status of our facilities, and enhanced use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE.) You may see our first responders wearing what appear to be “HAZMAT” suits; this is for the protection of our community, as well as ourselves. With us providing EMS service, we are exposed on a greater scale than the general public, and us taking these precautions reduces the risk of cross contamination to our patients.