first responders

RICHLAND, WA- The Masonic Lodge in Richland hosted a free barbecue for first responders on Saturday.  The barbecue consisted of 125 first responders with 136 hamburgers and 72 hot dogs served. The reason for the barbecue is just to show appreciation for first responders.

"The idea is to appreciate the people in our community that are helping us to be a better community," said  Patrick Zuniga Masonic Lodge Member 

Although it is just a quick meal it gives first responders a chance to interact with the people in their community. 

"I think it is incredible to be able to mix with the community and be able to understand some of their needs," said Richland Battalion Chief Brenda Rodgers. "This kind of gives us a platform and opportunity to get together and meet each other."

Zuniga doesn't want to gain anything out of it he just wants to make sure that the people who protect him are appreciated.

"We want to invite them we want to celebrate them we want them to have some time during the day whether they are working or not to come out bring their families and celebrate say thank you," said Zuniga.   

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