The Richland Police Department not only protects and serves the community, but they also have different services and events they put out in order to connect with the community.

Some of the services include teaching parents about the use of social media and how their kids use it.

They also offer complimentary fingerprinting services.

The main purpose of the department is to be a step closer to the community.

Such close bonds can help the department crack down on even more cases as community members would be more encouraged to cooperate with them.

All of the services are open to the public and are free.

This service and much like other services are covered by the volunteers of Richland Police Department.

The department encourages people to attend the events they put out and participate in order to get to know the department and ask any questions you may have.

Sergeant Mike Harrison says they have to partner with the community to be as effective as we possibly can be

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