RICHLAND, WA - Richland Police Department has received many messages from concerned citizens about a current Social Security Scam.

The scam starts with you receiving a robocall stating that there’s been criminal activity linked to your Social Security number. You’re told that if you don’t immediately call the telephone number left on your voicemail, your Social Security number will be “suspended.” To “reactivate" it, you are instructed that you have to purchase gift cards as a form of payment. Then you are told to call back with the activation codes. Don’t do this!

RPD says these calls can come from various numbers and you may receive more than one in the same day. As a reminder, the Inspector General of Social Security has advised on their website that they will never contact you in this manner.

Police want the community to be aware of this scam, and do not give your information to anyone calling and requesting it.

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