RICHLAND, Wash--  New information about a Richland robbery KNDU first reported about Friday night. The robbery has ties to a Kennewick store. 


Richland police say the two suspects, 18-year-old Daren Yeater and 21-year-old Brandon Mcgaffey,  stole other items from the Kennewick Target before heading to the Richland store to steal even more.

That is what tipped off security guards, after the two men entered the store with the intention to steal video games.  As the men were leaving with the stolen games, they were stopped by security and one of the men got violent.

"A security guard attempted to stop him and at which point he turned and punched the security officer, basically turning a simple shoplift theft into a robbery once he used force," says Sargeant Tony Striefel of the Richland Police.

Richland Police also say this is not the first time both men have had run-ins with the law.  They also say the men admit to stealing the video games and pawning them off to support a drug habit.  There was other stolen merchandise found in the vehicle they were stopped in.

If found guilty, Yeater could face jail time because robbery is a felony charge.  The other suspect is facing a misdemeanor theft charge. 


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