Richland students ask for public's mask participation

RICHLAND, WA- From fall sports to school plays Richland students are asking the public to wear a mask now so they can participate in their extracurricular activities come the school year. 

With the WIAA announcing that some counties might not be able to play fall sports due to what phase they are in, many athletes in Benton and Franklin county are worried they won't get to play. A group of Richland students have created a series of collages asking for the public's help by wearing facemasks so they can participate in sports.  

"Not having a senior season especially for me and all the other seniors is really sad because we really worked hard to get there so having that recognition especially our senior season is really important to us," said Ryan White who is a senior volleyball player and ASB President.

It isn't just sports that wouldn't be able to participate if Benton and Franklin counties are still in Phase 1. Other extracurriculars such as band and drama wouldn't be able to perform in front of audiences let alone practice close together. 

"We want to be able to do our fun extracurriculars and have a normal school year so when you are not wearing masks you are ruining our chances of being able to do that," said Haley Anderson a Richland drama senior.

For many athletes this is also their last chance to showcase their skills for the next level. Some athletes want to be able to put out more tape and also allow their fellow teammates and opponents to do the same. 

"All the summer camps and spring camps are canceled already so a lot of people are banking off of this season to get their offers up especially for the junior class," said Ben Fewel a senior football and basketball player.  "I'll be a senior so it's not as bad for me but especially for juniors, your junior season is very important." 

These students plan on getting other schools involved so their voice will continue to be amplified. These young students are prepared to have the platform they've created on the court and field spread throughout the counties

"People have constantly been telling us that we are the voice of the future and so I feel like if they are going to tell us that then they might as well give us the platform and the voice and listen," said Laura Smith a senior basketball player, cheerleader and track runner.  

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