KENNEWICK, Wash. - It looks like Rick Corson is the winner in the race for Benton County Coroner. He beats Benton County Jail Captain Kimberly Kennedy with over 60% of the votes.

As you can imagine Rick Corson is very pleased with Tuesday's results. Republicans who gathered at the Kennewick Red Lion congratulated Corson on a well deserved victory.

He will replace long time Benton County Coroner Floyd Johnson who announced he will retire early next year. Corson said he hopes he can continue to provide the same quality service.

"The voters cast a vote for you. They are placing their trust in you and the way I can repay that trust is by maintaining the professional and ethics in the coroner's office and that's what my plans are to do," said Rick Corson, Benton County Coroner Candidate.   

Corson said he has a few ideas he thinks will help improve the office's efficiency. But said he plans to do a thorough evaluation of the office before he makes any changes.


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