TRI-CITIES, WA-JJ Harrison who makes a career out of being a rodeo clown spent his day in the Tri-Cities teaching students about bullying.

Harrison used several activities and competitions to help kids understand that it is not okay to bully. Harrison also stressed the importance of who to talk to if you are being bullied.

Other members of Harrison's anti-bullying team included bullfighter Miles Barry and 2019 Miss Teen Rodeo Washington Elyse Villasenor. Both all gave their unique message on how to stop bullying. No matter the amount of people with him spreading the message Harrison is just glad he is able to reach the youth.

"Teachers today have a tough job if someone like me can whisk in for a day and give that same message that they are giving everyday I try to be a different voice saying the same thing," said Harrison.  "

Students were also given a fair ticket and a token for a free ride on the GESA Carousel of Dreams.

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