TRI-CITIES, WA - As many of us are now cleaning up the snow around our homes, we may notice large icicles starting to form. Roofing experts say they may be a sign of heat loss.

It's called ice damming and happens when the heat loss from your house warms up the surface temperature of the roof. 

A thick layer of ice forms at the edge, preventing melting snow from draining and creating icicles.

These icicles may not only be a sign of heat loss in your home but poor ventilation in your attic.

Josh Shupe, owner of Black Diamond Roofing and Construction in Richland said if you are seeing more icicles starting to form, you may want to check the insulation.

"People start to see huge icicles hanging off they could also notice a thick layer of ice building up along the edge of their roof and the snow on top of that. That's showing an ice dam is forming," Shupe said. 

The weight of the snow could also be a problem.

Shupe said as the snow starts to melt, it becomes heavier and could cause your ceiling to crack and the roof to cave in. He says built-up snow can weigh up to 30,000 pounds.

His advice is to look for ice dams and remove them as soon as you can. 

"Don't try to go up on the roof by yourself. Snow rakes work great and you can gently drag the snow off the edge of the roof so the ice dams will come off and won't form on the edge of the roof," Shupe said. 

For more information on ice damming and how to remove it, visit Black Diamond Roofing and Construction's website.