In March, as winter came to a close, Tri-City Rose Society had its annual pruning event. Now, that same garden is in full bloom.

The flowers bloom, the winter comes, and it's nearly summer before we know it.

Kaye DeBona is a member of the Tri-City Rose Society, and she says it's just part of life.

"They're going to come back maybe in a different shape than what you wanted, but alright. They're going to come back and you say 'Okay, that's the way you want to be this time? Okay. We'll see how it turns out,'" said DeBona.

Fast forward to now, The rose garden at Lawrence Scott Park has come alive. Though the pandemic made it hard to meet up as a group, they've planned more workdays this summer where everyone can come together.

Harlow Young is the President of the Tri-City Rose Society.

"People's love of roses doesn't abate even though we're in a pandemic or coming out of a pandemic. People still like roses, they still like to grow them," said Young.

The rose society's hard work paid off.

"Just to see the diversity of the rose garden and the blooms, the fragrance, etc. It's very satisfying," said Young.

When members come out to the park, they are happy to teach people more about gardening and roses.

"Anytime anyone is out here we're open to teaching," said DeBona. "We're open to talk."

There are members of the rose society out in the garden about every week, but don't ask them if they have a favorite kind of rose.

"That's like asking me who my favorite grandchild [is]," said DeBona.

If you want to learn more about the Tri-City Rose Society, visit their Facebook Page.